How to Fix Windows 10 Bug that is Slowing Down Games

Most of us who use Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system must be aware of its latest automatic updates feature which is adjudged by far and away a cynical feature that updates and installs the OS on its own even when the user is on limited internet capacity. Although Microsoft officially states that 'updates are required to keep Windows running smoothly', yet its latest Windows update KB4482887 feature seems to be contradicting the statement.

 Reports have surfaced from a number of users, now officially confirmed by Microsoft, that some versions of desktop games like Destiny and Call of Duty MW2 are facing graphics and mouse degradation hence crippling performance across platforms like Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

But this issue seems to be troubling only those systems which are bundled with a specific set of hardware.

For e.g., A Reddit discussion about the bug stated a user as saying that installing the latest patch on a system with specs: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti caused massive lags in games like COD4 but manually installing the patch solved the problem. Another user reported that testing the patch on Intel Ivy Bridge system with an AMD graphics card didn't cause any such problem.

So, it can be deduced that it is uncertain as to what is causing the bug to the likes of Murphy's law, uninstalling the update is all that will solve the problem temporarily until Microsoft comes up with a permanent fixture for it.

Now, we'll look into detail as to how we can uninstall the latest Windows 10 update that will help us solve the problem. But, one important thing before reverting to the previous version is to know the difference between patches and builds.

A patch is a smaller fix for the OS whereas build is a larger fix or update and almost entirely renews the Windows.

We will head towards how to uninstall a specific Windows update, which is somewhat easier and convenient to do as compared to uninstalling a build.

1. Open windows Settings.

2. Move to Update & Security.

3. Tap on Windows Update option.

4. Select the 'Update history' option from there.

5. In this window, click on 'uninstall updates'.

 Here a number of recent updates sorted by date of installation will be displayed.

6. Manually type KB4482887 on the search bar and uninstall this patch by clicking the Uninstall button.

The above method should rectify the graphic and mouse degradation problem for games which were facing the problem. Additionally, you can send a bug/crash report to Microsoft to assist them better in solving this issue permanently.